Fall 2009 Coaches

We have 22 teams again this season and all teams have coaches once again. Our players and parents thank-you for volunteering!! Check back here for announcements of coaches' meetings.

ONLINE Registration and Team Roster Access

Affinity's ONLINE system supports your registration as a coach. This new system will automatically submit your BACKGROUND check. Only ONLINE-registered coaches can be assigned teams , so please help us out and complete the process as soon as possible.

Please go to http://www.oysa-banksyouthsoccer.sportsaffinity.com to register. This is also the link for accessing you online team roster and other information.

Special Note: Your will be required to input your SSN. This is required by California to further search its database and is only need if you've been convicted of any offense in California including misdemeanor traffic violations. If this is not an issue, please make sure that at least the last four numbers of your SSN are correct as these will be used for reference.

Extreme Heat Guidelines

Please use the following heat index guidelines for canceling practice. The heat index is a formula based on temperature and humidity.

Anytime the heat index reaches 90, coaches should consider this as hot and must monitor players closely making sure they have ample water and sufficient breaks. The youngest players U6 through U9 are the most susceptible as they do not fully perspire which provides natural cooling for the body.

Please educate yourself on OSYA's guidelines for weather safety. For example, 96'F with 30% humidity results in a Heat Index of over 95.

Coaching Clinics & Education

BYSA believes that each coach needs to have the necessary education and understanding to teach our players soccer using age-appropriate activities in a fun environment. This year, BYSA is encouraging all of its coaches to attend one or more clinics to further their understanding of player development. At a minimum, coaches should familiar themselves with the training help available on OYSA Coaching webpage. From this page, you may search the database for the courses and signup for them directly.

BYSA may be hosting module courses this summer, if there is enough interest. Send email to president@banksyouthsoccer.com if you are interested.

For most coaches, the Youth Modules are a good primer and they are aptly named. For example,

Please send email to president@banksyouthsoccer.com if you have issues signing up.

Coaching Material ( Coming Soon )

Coaching Material from USYS and US Soccer

Other Coaching Links